Does your company have a cybersecurity strategy?

Does your company have a cybersecurity strategy?

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019, 32% of the companies that were surveyed experienced at least one data breach within the last 12 months. The study noted that hackers did not discriminate between a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) and a major enterprise; also, smaller organizations spent little on cybersecurity, most likely due to a lack of funds.

Not only are cyberthreats increasing in number, but they are becoming more severe. On top of this, the IT solutions that dramatically alter the way we do business today are the same ones that make enterprises more prone to hackers and malware. This is where a cybersecurity plan comes in.

What comprises a cybersecurity strategy?

A cybersecurity plan consists of different technologies, procedures, and measures that work together to keep data and systems safe from cyberattacks. Whether you operate an SMB or a corporation, you can't — and shouldn't — underestimate security threats.

You must know what to do in case you experience a cyberattack. You must be able to recover or restore any data that’s lost or stolen; failure to do that can affect your company and compromise customer trust. Investing in a secure backup service from a reputable managed services provider will keep your sensitive data accessible and safe — a crucial factor in the event that your office equipment is taken over by ransomware, a complex computer program that encrypts your files so you can't access them until you pay a ransom.

How to make a successful cybersecurity plan

Keep your archive of data secure before erasing it.

It's a good idea to audit your redundant IT assets to make sure they are promptly and properly disposed of. Aside from ensuring that the legacy devices are thrown away in an environment-friendly manner, you have to make sure that your digital data is wiped out completely to keep it from unauthorized hands.

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This is because any accidental disclosures of your clients’ or employees’ personal information can be used to launch an attack against you.

Always have extra backups.

Back up your data on a secure remote data center. Have your IT staff keep track of how often your data is backed up and who’s responsible for maintaining and updating the archives.

Regularly check for software updates.

The average user still thinks it’s a waste of time to constantly update software with its latest patches. But for a business, outdated applications is a portal for malware and opportunists to illegally gain access to its network. It's in any organization’s best interest to employ a patch management solution and regularly update all business applications.

Having a good cybersecurity strategy in place will attract more investors, since they will notice that you place a premium on safeguarding client information. Forming a cybersecurity campaign for your organization can be a challenge, but there are a few things you can try to get the ball rolling.

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