Complete Technology Services Company Testimonials

Read our company testimonials and you'll see why businesses in Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis, and Des Moines choose Complete Technology for IT support services. We serve small, medium, and large organizations in various industries to meet their IT needs.

"We’ve been partnering with Complete Technology since 2021 when we found it ever challenging for our internal staff to keep up with all of our IT needs. We needed a resource that was able to resolve issues quickly and focus on keeping our environment safe. What we receive from Complete Technology is a partnership that helps us to stay up to date with our hardware, software, and long-term strategic plans.  It’s great to finally be proactive instead of being reactive with the technology we use in our business."

CEO, Construction Company


"We began using Complete Technology in 2016 for all IT support. As soon as the Firm began the relationship with Complete Technology, they began the project of upgrading the network and the computers. This proved to be a very challenging task considering the design of the network, but the technicians made sure everything was done right and everyone was comfortable with their computer. If the Help Desk cannot solve a problem, they know when to forward it to the next level of expertise."

Office Manager, Law Practice


"Partnering with Complete Technology has helped provide a more complete technology strategy for our organization. They give us the benefits of an in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost. It's nice to be able to make a call and know that my problem, issue, or question will be dealt with in a timely manner. Outsourcing our IT needs to Complete Technology will save us time, money, and headaches."

CEO, Manufacturing


"We started exploring new IT vendors in early 2016 when we launched a new enterprise resource planning software. We partnered with Complete Technology to support this integration and build a new onsite server environment. We wanted to partner with a company we could have a long-term relationship with. We found the perfect partners in Complete Technology."

Administrative Manager, Food & Beverage


"When we found ourselves without an IT Manager, we decided to give Complete Technology a try. For a lower cost, we are now getting a higher level of service. With Complete Technology, we are able to get the resources we need, and the security we desire, in a timely manner."

CEO and CO-Founder, Financial Management Company


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