Advantages of upgrading to a cloud-based phone system

Advantages of upgrading to a cloud-based phone system

As enterprises grow and evolve, agility and adaptability become crucial. For example, each of your employees requires a company phone number, which means you need a telecommunications system that doesn't cause bottlenecks during the onboarding process.

As wonderful as periods of sustained growth are, they can be hard to survive on-premise telephony systems that have higher maintenance and setup costs, reliance on IT support, and the demand for on-site hardware. On the other hand, a cloud-based communication system lets small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) maintain their phone services in an agile, streamlined, and less costly manner.

The following points outline the advantages that you can reap by making the move from a traditional PBX platform to cloud-based VoIP technology.

A fully integrated phone system

Incorporating your voice communications solutions with other IT workflows and business processes will make your workforce more efficient. If you place your business tools in the cloud, they will be easy to set up and manage so your employees stay connected from the office or any location with a good internet connection.

A cloud-first telecommunications strategy ensures company information is always up to date and everything is only one click or tap away, including voice and video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and CRM tools.

Power over the mode of communication

Your company is in control with a cloud-operated system because your workforce gets to choose the features and business tools they need to use. You're not limited by what local phone vendors have to offer and you're never forced to pay for unnecessary features that are sold as a bundle.

Aside from this privilege, cloud solutions from a reputable managed IT services provider will offer employees with access to their calling features through softphones, desk phones, or even their mobile devices. This means they also have real-time access to business data and software from any place with an online hotspot.

Professional business features

Cloud-operated communication systems allow SMBs to enjoy customized applications that are normally reserved for major enterprises. These platforms include large-scale solutions needed by call centers and those for individuals, like Never Miss a Call, Auto Attendants, and Virtual Assistants.

Ease of use and mobility

Mobility and flexibility is essential, and SMBs must have the capacity to operate from more than one location. A cloud-based platform will let your employees log in anywhere and be reached while they work remotely, providing revenue-producing and client-facing personnel with more control over their productivity.

Efficiency and time management

Online portals let IT staff and management maintain phone systems effectively. These portals display call and billing analytics, training resources, trouble tickets, and service and feature configurations, all of which help you focus on the tasks that add to the bottom line instead of on project management.

Apart from this centralized management, cloud solutions are built to work with other online applications. This allows mobile workers to access the functions and features they need to complete tasks as if they were in the workplace.

Business continuity

Utilizing a cloud communication system makes sure that you're never disconnected from clients or employees by a disaster. If your office is inaccessible or without internet, employees can still make and receive phone calls on their laptops or mobile devices. That level of availability will set you apart and cement your customer service reputation.

Cost savings

The monthly subscription rates for cloud-based communication systems are less expensive compared to those for the traditional PBX platform simply because less hardware is involved. All of your applications and tools are online, reducing procurement and maintenance costs and improving your return on investment.

Invest in a cloud-based communication system today!

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