How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Your Business?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. It has earned its reputation as an efficient and valuable tool for businesses all over Kansas City, including data backup and recovery service providers like Complete Technology. Even if your office is currently not using any form of AI, it may soon become an important tool to help you eliminate tedious tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is already becoming the norm at home, in the workplace, and wherever we go. It can free up time to focus on meaningful endeavors while completing simple tasks with pinpoint accuracy. Don’t be surprised if AI comes knocking at your business's door sooner than you think

AI is making investments safer

Computer algorithms and machine learning are streamlining the process of predicting upcoming trading decisions. By collecting data and observing patterns, AI can build strategies and adapt faster than humans can. AI-based hedge funds are starting to pop up with the promise of more predictable returns.

AI takes online security to a new level

With the help of managed services providers, organizations can employ AI-based cybersecurity solutions that learn employee habits to look for requests or actions that are out of the norm. Hackers are developing new tools faster than the good guys can keep up, but computers that learn from large sets of data and respond in real time will be more effective in keeping threats away from your office network.

AI improves data analytics

Most small businesses can't afford to hire someone trained in data analytics, but AI is getting better at recognizing valuable patterns. Apps like Office 365's Power BI mean you don't even need to worry about collecting data; it will take care of that as well as organization and analysis.

AI makes it easy to find top job candidates

Your HR department can make use of AI to find top-tier candidates for open positions. Specialized software screens job candidates in a matter of seconds, saving your HR team hours of work. The hiring process will still require the usual live interviews, but the initial steps of filtering applicants can be taken care of in a fraction of the time.

AI boosts online marketing and eCommerce

Tools like Google Assistant make it easier for consumers to shop online, and that's invaluable for any business that deals in eCommerce. In some cases, AI systems recommend products based on a shopper's history. If one suggests your product, that's free advertising!

AI enhances IoT devices

Although devices like smart thermostats are convenient because you can access them over the internet, they're most valuable when connected to AI systems. Good examples are smart thermostats that learn your habits over time to help you maintain comfort levels and save on utility bills.

AI streamlines enterprise resource planning

Companies like Worldwide Wine & Spirits are using AI-infused enterprise resource planning software(link) to track, update, and refill their inventories with greater accuracy than when everything was done by hand. Every day their ERP software receives more data, it gets better at making valuable business recommendations.

How to get started with AI

Companies all over Kansas City are already reaping the advantages of AI, and organizations that are not investing in AI will soon find themselves behind the times. For your business to stay competitive, it is a good idea to invest in an IT support firm that knows how to work with AI and will guide you in the right direction. Get in touch with Complete Technology today so we can help you focus on your business, not IT distractions.

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