Should Your Business Use Macs or PCs?

Should Your Business Use Macs or PCs?

There will always be people who say that Coca-Cola is the best soft drink in the world, and there will be others who will claim Pepsi is better. These disagreements exist in every industry, and in the world of technology it's PCs vs. Macs. There is no perfect answer to this debate because both options have their pros and cons.

As an entrepreneur or business owner in Kansas City, it’s your responsibility to purchase the computers that will work best for your users and your budget. Because with the right workstations, IT support and recommendations from reputable service providers like Complete Technology will be more efficient and effective.

PC and Mac basics

The fundamental difference between PCs and Macs is their operating systems (OS). The appearance and core features of these OSs are wildly different, and most users are loyal to one or the other. Regardless of your loyalty, there are clear pros and cons to each option.

Advantages of PCs

  • Business standard: According to the April IDC Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker, most people prefer to buy PCs. Because this type of computer is more common, there should be lower training costs and employees will be able to adapt to workflows quickly.
  • Multiple design options: There are thousands of PC models suited for business and only four Apple computers capable of handling work tasks. Business owners who choose PCs can choose budget desktops, laptop-to-tablet hybrids, portable ultrabooks, and hundreds of other options. Having more choices makes it easier to find tools best suited for your needs.
  • Customization: PC manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Dell sell computers that are easy to upgrade. By contrast, Apple computers make it almost impossible to change a graphics card, CPU, or hard drive. Apple devices' lack of options usually translates to shorter lifespans.

Disadvantages of PCs

  • More popular with hackers: If you buy PCs for your office, it is best to purchase premium antivirus programs or data backup and recovery solutions to protect your network. Hackers target PCs more often because more people use them. From ransomware strains to phishing campaigns, there are always more PC versions than Mac versions
  • Inconsistent quality: Since there are dozens of PC manufacturers selling hardware, quality varies dramatically from machine to machine. If you want a powerful computer, you have to pay a premium for it.

Advantages of Macs

  • Premium design: Apple computers are sleek and luxurious compared with most PC computers. Although a computer's visual appeal generally doesn't impact a business's bottom line, some offices just can't resist Apple's high-end displays and signature aluminum.
  • Design industry standard: Mac computers are far more common in the creative world and may make it easier to share and collaborate work with clients. Apple popularized graphic design and many creative professionals struggle to finish good work on a PC.
  • User-friendly: Although some people complain about how difficult it is to customize Apple computers, they're much harder to break. Their hardware and software are designed to be dummy-proof, which usually means fewer IT support issues.

Disadvantages of Macs

  • Fewer options: Apple sells only two desktop models and two laptop models. They're great computers, but they don't give you a lot of options when it comes to hardware or price.
  • Pricey: Every product released by Apple is well above the average cost of its PC counterpart. This is also true for accessories, chargers, and other components their devices need to work.

As cloud-based applications become more popular, hardware choices are becoming less important. You can pick employee workstations that fit your budget and cloud technology will ensure you always have access to enough processing power.

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