What can you do with your old PC?

What can you do with your old PC?

Technology moves at a rapid pace, which means your new device can easily be obsolete in a few years. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old computer when you upgrade to a newer model. If you have an old PC that has no issues other than running an outdated software and requiring a replacement for certain parts, don’t dump it into the trash heap yet. Do the following instead:

Install a new operating system (OS)

Refurbishing your old computer with a fresh operating system can make it seem new again. A lighter OS, such as those based on Linux, can speed up system performance dramatically. Most versions or “distros” of Linux can also run on any low-end system, making them perfect for older computers that don’t have higher-level specs and thus can’t run newer versions of Windows or macOS.

Mastering Linux shouldn’t be a problem either, as many distros have interfaces and software packages similar to that of Windows. LibreOffice, for instance, is a free, open-source equivalent to Microsoft Office.

Make a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server

A NAS server enables you to have a centralized shared storage for digital files, which is especially useful if you have several personal computers at home or if you run a small business. NAS servers aren’t exactly cheap, however. So if you want to save hundreds of dollars, you can use a free storage operating system called TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) to convert your old PC into a NAS server. This way, you can enjoy secure and hassle-free local file sharing at virtually no cost.

Turn your PC into a gaming rig

Older PCs may not be able to handle new games with high-definition graphics and heavy assets, but they can generally load classic games like StarCraft or Fallout 2. With a fresh install of Windows 10, you can convert your older PC into a gaming rig. Follow this comprehensive guide on how to play classic PC games if you want to give in to nostalgia and relive your childhood memories.

Use your PC for surveillance

You can repurpose your old PC to stream continuous video surveillance footage, or use it to relay surveillance videos to your smartphone. Older computers can slow down or hang when handling several tasks simultaneously, but they can still do any single task with ease.

Turning your old PC into a monitor for your surveillance system has several benefits. If you work from home, you can easily keep an eye on your front door or other rooms in your house, such as the nursery, without leaving your workspace. You can also use your video surveillance system for birdwatching or for observing suspicious activity on your property.

To integrate your old PC into a video surveillance system, all you need to do is install it with software such as Yawcam or iSpy that can capture images and videos from your camera.

Build a starter PC for someone who needs it

If finding new uses for your old PC doesn’t appeal to you, then better give your outdated computer to another person who can make the most of it. You may know someone who needs a computer to do simple tasks like researching online, sending emails, or video calling their loved ones. This person doesn’t really want the high-end stuff — they just need a computer that works.

Giving them a starter PC with all the basic programs can be a big help to them. To make a starter PC, simply make a fresh install of your preferred OS and add the apps that the user may need. You may also need to create another account for the receiver of the PC so that they can’t install any software or mess with the settings without your permission.

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