Why your SMB needs mobile device management solutions

Why your SMB needs mobile device management solutions

Workplaces in the new normal will highlight agility and resilience above all, and this means leveraging IT tools to support business continuity. Mobile devices will be front and center in keeping small and midsize businesses’s (SMBs) operations running. But while the portability of mobile devices affords unprecedented access from anywhere, it also presents a myriad of cybersecurity risks.

The risks of mobile dependency

Mobile devices allow employees to access company data from anywhere. This means that as long as workers have their devices with them, they carry critical business information. Even when they’re just grocery shopping or working in a coffee shop, their devices contain cached passwords, email access, and many more gateways to company-owned data. So when a device is lost or stolen, business data is also compromised.

According to security expert Prey’s Mobile Theft and Loss Report, about 69.12% of smartphone owners misplace their device annually, while 10.98% get pickpocketed. Securing all mobile devices used for business is therefore a must, especially with the recent surge in the use of mobile devices as more businesses shift to remote work arrangements.

How can you protect mobile devices?

Mobile device management (MDM) software can help ease your security concerns by providing an additional layer of protection to a mobile device, irrespective of ownership. Once installed, an MDM platform allows IT administrators to configure and adjust device settings and policies using an MDM via a portal.

What does an MDM do?

MDM solutions present a host of benefits to any organization, including the following:

  1. Enable device encryption – MDM forces encryption on smartphones and tablets in case someone unauthorized gets a hold of them. This includes setting up several layers of protection, such as employing strict password policies and enforcing full disk encryption (FDE). Succinctly, encrypting data prohibits someone from connecting and syncing a stolen smartphone to an unknown device.
  2. Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices – MDM solutions enforce anti-theft and data breach prevention methods when a device is reported stolen or missing. Your IT administrator can either remotely locate the device, or lock and wipe its data completely to prevent anyone from accessing documents, stored emails, business apps, and other sensitive company data.
  3. Restrict apps and device features – It allows your IT administrator to disable some device features to ensure better security. This includes preventing users from downloading malicious apps, and blocking employees from visiting sites that can adversely affect productivity. This restriction also enables administrators to turn off cameras or biometrics if these functionalities are unrelated to an employee’s work.
  4. Remotely deploy Wi-Fi, VPN, and email configurations – When an employee leaves, your IT team can remotely uninstall MDM solutions from their phone or tablet, wiping organization-owned Wi-Fi information and VPN configurations while leaving personal data and apps intact. This is especially useful if your SMB has a work from home arrangement, or if employees use their own devices for work.
  5. Remotely deploy and manage apps – This feature eliminates the need for IT personnel to physically access mobile devices to install or uninstall software. This way, your employees can continue working while IT remotely installs security updates and patches. IT can even deploy or manage apps for multiple devices at once, saving time and costs.

Does your SMB need MDM solutions?

As long as your company uses mobile devices to access, share, or manage company data, you need MDM solutions to beef up endpoint security. After all, you don’t want strangers — or even competitors — to be privy to your employees’ personal information, your communication with your vendors and clients, and your trade secrets.

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