Tips for efficiently moving to a new office

Tips for efficiently moving to a new office

When you think about moving your small- to medium-sized business (SMB) to a new workspace, you get excited as you imagine the finished product — everyone in your company thriving and working in a shiny new, completely organized office. Then panic sets in as you realize you must figure out how to get everything in the building ready for transfer, and how to settle in once the move is done.

Moving to a new location involves an overwhelming number of moving parts. Aside from transferring all your equipment, you must also consider adjustment periods, reorganization, transitional workflows, the morale of your workforce, and so much more. Follow these tips for a smooth relocation, and don't forget to breathe.

Plan everything in advance

When it comes to moving to a new office, there's no such thing as “winging it.” Start the planning process in advance, assign jobs to the right people, determine how they'll be working on their tasks, and estimate when the project will be completed. This will prevent a situation where you'll be spending the last night in the office scrambling to get all the computers into boxes and figuring out how to move that server and those bulky printers at the last minute.

Aside from finalizing the moving arrangements, think of where the office equipment will go in your new space. Use the blueprints to determine office space layouts and find out if you need anything, like more room for certain equipment.

You may need to set at least two months aside to finalize an effective relocation plan, and another two months to get everything ready for the move. Don't forget to set aside a budget for moving, as it's important to know how much you're spending.

Nominate a move manager

Even if you divide the tasks amongst your department heads, it's still a good idea to appoint a move manager who can follow up and facilitate each step to make sure everything is progressing. The ideal candidate for this job is normally an admin assistant, although you may decide to nominate a person who has done commercial relocation in the past.

Don't forget your IT

Disconnecting and reconnecting your office tech is a major hurdle when moving. When you finalize the date of your move, have your IT department or managed services provider (MSP) like Complete Technology develop a plan to successfully transfer all your technical equipment. This includes your telephone system, servers, and computers.

If there are old machines you would like to donate or have recycled, check the EPA website to find out how to properly dispose of your equipment.

Celebrate your new office space

Commercial relocation is stressful for everyone. To thank your team for cooperating, nothing beats a small celebration once the move is done. Your office doesn't have to be completely set up, and the party can just be a simple lunch during the first week after the move. But this will show your workforce that you appreciate their help, and the positive vibes will welcome new and exciting things into your office.

Transferring your business to a new location requires a lot of effort, but keep in mind that you are doing it for a good reason. The specialists at Complete Technology can help facilitate the transfer and proper setup of your IT at your new place. Our company redefines IT services for customers in Kansas City by allowing them to focus on their business, not IT distractions. Get in touch with us today for your free consultation.

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