Benefits of using Dropbox for your business

Benefits of using Dropbox for your business

Have you ever experienced trying to work remotely, only to realize that you can't, because you left the files you need to work on in your office desktop? This scenario can be quite frustrating.

Having a cloud storage solution like Dropbox makes sure this never happens, as you can keep your files in a safe place and access it anywhere with an internet connection.

Dropbox 101

Dropbox is an online storage system that lets you keep digital files or business data in the cloud. Whether your files consist of Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF, video, images, or text files, they can all be stored in Dropbox and accessed across devices that are linked to the account. Dropbox is convenient for employees who often travel or work outside the office, and its cost-effectiveness and flexibility is the reason why it ranks highly among the best apps for online productivity.

Major advantages of Dropbox for enterprises

Starter account is free – Signing up for a Dropbox account won't cost you anything. You can start by registering for free to find out how this online storage system can benefit your company, as the starter account (Dropbox Basic) gives you 2 GB of cloud storage to try out.

Dropbox is always operational – This online storage is always active in the background of the device you’re using. Dropbox uses only a small amount of your computer's resources, making sure that your device will not slow down or crash. What's more, any file you update is instantly uploaded to the cloud as soon as Dropbox detects any changes.

Remarkable device support – One of Dropbox's most attractive features is its compatibility with various devices and IPv6 addressing. It supports gadgets running on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Dropbox also supports Windows Phone, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Team capabilities – Setting up a team with Dropbox is a breeze. As an administrator, you have the power to allow certain users to access a particular folder, while placing limitations on how the contents are handled. For instance, you may let non-admin users view a document in a Dropbox folder, but you are the only one who can edit it. These restrictions will avoid errors such as the accidental overwriting of files.

Strict security measures – Dropbox uses sophisticated security measures like two-step authentication and data encryption to keep your files safe. The system also logs a 30-day history of your files in case something gets altered or corrupted, allowing you to restore files with ease.

Significant cost savings – Did you know that using Dropbox can help your business save money? Think about how much of your enterprise’s resources are wasted because employees spend way too much time downloading or accessing important files. Your employees' productivity will improve thanks to Dropbox's easy-to-use and time-saving features.

Think about the money you will save if your business goes paperless. Regardless of the size of your organization, going paperless can mean huge cost savings and more efficient use of your office space.

Affordable expansions – Anytime your enterprise needs more storage, it's easy to upgrade your Dropbox plan. It offers cost-effective monthly subscriptions, some of which give you unlimited storage and special customizable features that make file sharing and collaboration hassle-free.

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