Typical challenges enterprises encounter during cloud migrations

Typical challenges enterprises encounter during cloud migrations

Companies all over Kansas City have adopted cloud-based technologies at a rapid pace over the past few years, and for good reasons. The cloud is affordable enough for SMBs to implement IT solutions that eliminate in-house hardware, boost employee mobility, and reduce costs.

The cloud has quickly turned into a fundamental component of modern IT support, but it’s not easy to implement a fundamental change to your technology infrastructure. This is why your firm must be familiar with cloud migration obstacles before creating a plan that aligns with the distinct requirements and goals of your enterprise.

Here are five common barriers that organizations encounter and how they can be overcome:

  • Security

Most SMBs focus on network security issues, fearing that storing data in the cloud will make it easier to steal or spy on. The good news is that today’s managed IT services providers (MSPs) offer monthly plans that are immensely secure and prevent natural and manmade disasters from affecting business continuity.
If you don't have proactive security measures for your current systems, an MSP can provide those for an SMB-friendly fee.

  • Relying on outdated solutions

Even if your on-premises hardware and software solutions are working just fine, they're almost always cheaper and more affordable in the cloud. Clarifying what was good and bad about your old systems is the key to ensuring you choose the best possible upgrades. What are the perks of using a particular cloud product, and how does it compare to your current on-premise system? Have other clients used this solution, and what came out of it? Discuss these questions with an MSP to clarify your expectations and personalize your cloud solution.

  • Internal disagreements

Your new work space may need a bit of retouching or a major overhaul, depending on its current state. Optimizing your office may also be of importance here, especially if your firm is migrating to a tight area or is expanding fast. Discuss this with your relocation provider, as their representative may have ideas or suggestions on how to make full use of your new space without breaking the bank.

Beyond installation and ongoing support, an MSP can help your team understand the advantages of using a new system, and provide tangible evidence why this solution must be implemented in your office.

  • Accounting shakeups

Cloud-based products have cost structures that are totally different from their predecessors, but this is great news for business owners and their accounting teams. More SMBs are making the switch to cloud-based technologies because it eliminates big upfront investments in hardware and software license and replaces them with monthly operating expenses, which are much easier to deal with come tax season.

  • In-house employees

Implementing new IT solutions that affect sensitive documents and mission-critical processes may prompt the question, “Does our enterprise have enough in-house workers to manage and learn this new system?”

The answer is almost always "yes." Cloud providers are experts in the services they offer and include comprehensive support that your team would likely struggle to surpass even if you did have a large in-house department. In some cases, cloud solutions require little to no input from technicians on your team.

Conquer your cloud migration challenges right now!You don't have to worry about things like information security and employee training if you choose the right cloud provider. Some lack the proper experience or certifications, some can't provide local support, and some just have plain-old bad customer service. Complete Technology is a service provider from Kansas City that continues to redefine IT services. We understand that any changes to your business can be troublesome, which is why we offer our expertise to make sure that your firm has a smooth transition get in touch with us today and get a free consultation!

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