Network assessments: What are they and what are their benefits?

Network assessments: What are they and what are their benefits?

Network maintenance is one of the most challenging aspects of IT. Internet bandwidth usage can be steady one minute, and completely uncontrollable in the next. It requires extensive technical knowledge as well as a deep understanding of user behavior and the business's goals. To effectively manage IT networks, you should consider conducting a thorough network assessment.

Network assessments review your existing infrastructure, and comprehensively assess your organization’s performance, productivity, management, security, and other processes, to help determine which solutions yield greater network performance. In order for your business to grow with technology, you first need to understand what it lacks and how it can be improved.

When should it take place?

Consider performing a network assessment when your organization is planning to install crucial applications such as Skype for Business or Office 365. You should consider a network assessment if you are experiencing:

  • Performance issues - such as sluggish and unreliable connectivity
  • More viruses/malware than usual - due to weakened network defenses that cause frequent glitches
  • Increased anxiety - brought on by disorganized networks
  • The need to save money - investing in a network assessment now saves you from wasting money on unreliable networks in the future

Identify and fix bottlenecks

This is one of the top reasons why business owners decide to conduct a network assessment. Identifying which software, applications and processes are slowing down your network is trickier than it seems. A network assessment locates and fixes these bottlenecks before they further impede the speed. After applying the changes based on the assessment's findings, you should notice increased network speed and functionality.


Resolve security issues

Network assessment helps identify and address obvious security issues that require immediate attention. For example, if there are any major issues with your current security software or defenses, a network assessment will find and fix them.

Identify hardware that is approaching the end of its life cycle

Nothing lasts forever, especially computer hardware. Knowing when to bury your hardware allows you to begin planning for its replacement, which prevents daily business operations from being disturbed. Network assessments are also able to identify the hardware or firmware that, because of their age, might be causing network security or efficiency issues. This allows you to replace these components before they give out and affect network security and functionality.

Explore new technology

Network assessments explore short-term, medium-term, and long-term integration points. This gives you an idea of what technologies to consider adding to your current networks, along with how to implement them.

Business owners need to keep up with the latest technologies, which includes being aware of how their current IT networks are. Gaining a competitive business advantage requires technology that functions properly and meets your business’s objectives. By partnering with Complete Technology, we’ll be responsible for assessing and improving your technology networks so you can leave your competition in the dust. Contact us today!

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