Utilizing business technology planning vs. employees bringing in their own devices

Utilizing business technology planning vs. employees bringing in their own devices

Technology planning is defined as the process of planning the technical growth of a particular program or business to achieve certain business requirements. This includes evaluating your current assets, determining a replacement cycle for for those assets and figuring a budget for those replacement assets. This allows organizations to know where they currently are and where they want to be in the future in regards to technological resources and infrastructure.

Business technology plans aren’t as complicated as they seem. As with anything else, there are certain steps you must take to make it happen:

  • Know how technology fits in with your overall business strategy
  • Identify organizational needs and assess current usage
  • Learn how to align tech with an organization’s vision, selecting the right IT components and determining development life cycles
  • Work with a team that designs and develops your plan while helping with any further purchases needed
  • Ensure that when you implement a business technology plan, you do so on a managed and realistic schedule

On the other hand, you find BYOD (bring your own device) policies that allow employees to bring their personal devices into the office. According to the 2016 study conducted by Tech Pro Research, over 59 percent of the companies surveyed use the BYOD policy, with another 13 percent planning to adopt it.As a business owner, you should ask yourself these questions: Why has it become so popular? Are the benefits really worth it? And most importantly, should I start using it, too? Hold your horses.

The benefits are undeniable, but with pros come cons. Before you decide to adopt the BYOD policy, make sure you weigh all your options. To do that, we’ve compiled some reasons why strategic business technology planning might be more beneficial to your business:

It pays for itself
Instead of just using effective tech resources, the benefits of an effective business technology planning strategy outweigh implementation costs. This is because business technology plans require companies to invest in the right IT and hardware capable of cutting costs in the long-run. The budgeting and implementation process allow companies to obtain the right tech components over time, preventing the budget from becoming too strained. The plan also provides you with a detailed list of hardware and infrastructure required to protect your organization.

Operational efficiency
With the help of a business technology plan, you know which IT resources to utilize in order to efficiently cater to your organization’s goals. This would then allow both owners and employers to increase production and enhance customer experience at the same time, ultimately leading to long-term success since both customers’ demands and employees’ expectations are met.

Identifying and accomplishing goals
The technology plan provides businesses with a clear and tangible mean to achieve its goals. It also serves as an action plan when it comes to acquiring the technological components required to improve overall productivity, production, customer experience and software development.

Based on findings from a 2013 Tech Pro Research study,over 78 percent of 51 respondents expressed security concerns and named it as the primary factor against adopting the BYOD policy. Next to security concerns were IT support concerns, since BYOD systems required additional IT workload that contributes to an increase in IT costs. Other factors included loss of control, standardization, and regulatory compliance.

As a business owner, are you prepared to jeopardize all your hard work for reduced hardware and mobile device costs? If the answer is no, Complete Technology has a solution for you. Our Business Technology Planning services provide your company with a customized IT plan that caters to your corporate goals while boosting operational efficiency and network security. Let us take your organization to next level and establish the competitive edge it deserves.

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