Google Fiber – it’s a no brainer for your business

Google Fiber – it’s a no brainer for your business

Fiber is as important to our diets as stable, high-speed internet is important to small- and medium-sized businesses. With a fast and secure internet connection, you’ll be able to communicate more quickly and collaborate more efficiently, allowing you to have a larger slice of the profit pie, so to speak. Enter Google Fiber, a beneficial agent to your organization’s operational diet -- the best part is not a single vegetable is involved.

What exactly is Google Fiber? It’s an Internet Service Provider that is akin to your area’s cable provider or AT&T’s Internet service. The more service choices are available, the better those services and their prices are for residents and business. It caters to businesses of all sizes, and currently businesses in Google’s Fiber cities can pick from minimum to maximum speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps. Make sure to get your business up to speed with their three distinct small business plans, offering different things for different organizations. Also, all business plans are free of both service contracts and rental fees.

Aside from speed, what are the other pros that Google Fiber can bring to your small- or medium-sized business? Here are the other business-oriented advantages Google Fiber can provide:

Bye bye buffering

Whether you’re watching a YouTube video, waiting for nightly cloud backups, completing the move to a hosted VoIP service or sending a crucial email, buffering -- that moment that strikes both frustration and fear into your heart -- is easily the bane of every Internet user’s existence. You’re frustrated because you have to wait for the page to finish loading and afraid because you think the page might not load at all!

Buffering may also happen when you’re downloading files or attachments. Say you receive an email from your biggest client, and it's critically important that you access the attached files. You have a certain amount of time to complete this urgent task, so why waste more than half of it on downloading? With a high-speed Internet service, buffering leaves the building and files are downloaded in a matter of seconds -- not too shabby.

The price is right

Businesses that operate in a world where cash is king constantly look for ways they can pinch a few pennies. That’s why business owners’ first priority is PRICE. For example, traditional Internet service providers like Time Warner Cable and Comcast usually offer combined TV and Internet packages for about $80 to $90 monthly for speeds of only 15 Mbps.

Google Fiber’s pricing plans are much more flexible since you are able to choose which one suits your needs best. Prices start at $70 and reaches a maximum of $250, but even the smallest package offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps for uploading and downloading speeds.

No bandwidth caps

Leading US ISP Comcast doesn’t count streaming from its own streaming video service against caps. Google Fiber, however, throws bandwidth caps out the window altogether. This is monumental for people living in areas without cable. Since in those areas, high-speed Internet access is available only through a cellular carrier - meaning streaming would be impossible unless they’re fine with paying the staggering costs of exceeding data caps.

Other fishes in the pond start to scurry

Since Google Fiber is offering high speed Internet services that are affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses, competitors must up their tech games -- quick. The lesson here is more and more competition means better service for users. If competitors don’t switch things up and adapt to the market, they’re simply going to go obsolete.

Unlock new possibilities for your business

With reliable high-speed Internet, you’ll be able to bring your business to the next level. Integral business functions such as HD video conferencing and cloud access don’t only rely on but can be enhanced by the 1-gigabit Internet service that Google Fiber provides. Imagine your employees being able to work from anywhere since file and data access is made simple with enhanced cloud access or have meetings from any corner of the globe with a video conference devoid of glitches or buffering -- this redefines operational efficiency.

Marilyn Monroe once said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Now you can do the same with the right Internet service provider that imbues your company with high-speed fiber optic Internet. With Google Fiber, the possibilities for your company’s growth are limitless since efficiency and affordability are permanently intertwined. If you have any questions or concerns about Google Fiber and how it can benefit your business, feel free to give us a call or send us email. We’re more than happy to help.

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