Responsive Help Desk Support

Sometimes your IT just doesn’t work the way it should: Networks fail, hardware breaks down, operating systems cease to work, and the list goes on. When this happens, you need competent technicians who can provide quick solutions so operations can continue without prolonged downtime. This is where a responsive Help Desk support team can be very valuable for your business.

How can Complete Technology’s Responsive Help Desk Support assist you in times of trouble?

Businesses of all sizes require fast and adequate tech-related support. With Complete Technology, you can get in touch with one of our technicians in under a minute. Our responsive help desk support team consists of IT professionals with years of experience in assisting customers with IT issues. We’re on standby to answer your questions and provide the solutions you need via phone, web-based chat, and email. Entrust your IT to us today, and the next time you have an issue, you’ll know who to call.

How will Complete Technology’s Data Backup and Recovery help protect my business?

Do you have a plan? Have you thought about what data loss or downtime would cost your business? Securing your data and having a recovery plan is more essential today than ever. Most businesses are so wrapped up in daily operations or growth strategies that they fail to plan for the worst.

We have a two-pronged approach to data backup and recovery. First, we put in a local appliance that takes snapshots of your entire environment every fifteen minutes. Then we send this information to the cloud at whatever frequency our customers need. When the inevitable equipment outage or failure happens, we are prepared to virtualize or cut over to the backup appliance and your entire environment is pulled back up, allowing you to get back to work while we have time to troubleshoot and fix the issue. This same process applies for a disaster (fire, flood, etc.) and we have to virtualize from the cloud.

We relieve business owners like yourself from IT hassles. With our vendor management and consulting services, you don’t have to spend any more time or mental energy managing and worrying about your technology since our experts will take care of them for you.

How can Complete Technology shift your IT burden to us?

We provide you with experts that can handle all aspects of managing your IT environment. From your telecommunications providers to your internet service providers, we are here to offer consultation as well as manage those relationships for you. By allowing us to step in as your IT partner in these environments, we accomplish several things. One, we bring a high level of expertise that you or your staff may not have. Two, we eliminate the finger-pointing game; since we are involved in all the day-to-day management of your entire environment, we can work with your other providers to ensure that everything is working properly. Last, but definitely not least, this is all included in our Complete Care package, so it does not cost you another penny!

Do you have someone watching your back and ensuring that your technology is working properly and efficiently? Contact us today!

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