How To Spot A Phishing Email

Phishing emails are a type of cybercrime that uses fraudulent emails to trick people into sharing sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial data, or personal information. These emails often look legitimate, but there are ways to tell if they are phishing attacks.

5 Ways Adopting Cloud Technology Helps Your Business

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's essential to stay competitive and keep costs low. One way to achieve this is by adopting cloud technology. Cloud computing technology offers many benefits for businesses, including cost savings. Here are five ways adopting cloud technology services can help your business save money:
1. Reduced IT Infrastructure Costs
One of the most significant advantages of cloud computing is that it eliminates the need for on-premises IT infrastructure, such as servers, storage, and networking equipment.

Cyber Security Solutions From an MSP

As cyber security threats continue to evolve, businesses face an ever-increasing risk of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cybersecurity incidents. These incidents can result in significant financial losses, legal liabilities, and damage to a business's reputation.

Avoid These 5 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

Top 5 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes to Avoid 
The tech landscape has hit unprecedented milestones this year. With the rollout of user-friendly AI engines, expanding computing power, and increases in datafication, we can see the future of technology and the opportunities it presents.

Your Business Risks Data Loss without a Data Recovery Plan

Common Data Disasters that Can Happen to Businesses without a Data Recovery Plan
Think data loss prevention is a waste of money and time? Consider the lost revenue, recovery costs, and operational challenges a data disaster can present to your business; not to mention the impact on your business’s reputation and potential legal ramifications of losing sensitive customer data.

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