6 Cost Efficient Benefits of Cloud Storage for Businesses

6 Cost Efficient Benefits of Cloud Storage for Businesses

Cloud computing has completely revolutionized the way businesses store and share data.

By having your programs and information stored on the internet, your organization can better secure your data, effortlessly access and share data, and scale storage to your business growth. Not to mention, there’s big benefits to your bottom line. These are a few of the ways your business can cut costs by adopting cloud technology.

1.  Save On Energy Costs

One big benefit of managed cloud services is how much energy you can save by reducing your carbon footprint. Cloud computing is not just good for the planet – it’s good for your operating costs.

How does using the cloud promote energy efficiency? Internal servers and hardware require a lot of energy to power, driving up electricity costs. Cloud providers are able to operate more efficiently by consolidating the number of servers and resources needed for your operations. This results in fewer emissions and better resource management for your business.

2.  Predictable Financing

Cloud storage providers typically charge a fixed rate based on your business’s needs. That means you’ll only pay for what you need. When you store your data in-house, you’re paying for hardware, software, and servers, but with the cloud, there are very few upfront costs. Cloud computing is also scalable, so you can easily increase your usage if your business grows or scale back if there’s less demand. 

3. Fewer Staff

Housing your data in the cloud reduces the need for in-house IT experts. Cloud computing services don’t require as much maintenance, which saves your business money on full-time staff to manage operations.

This eliminates the need for expenses related to training, salaries, and benefits. The best part is that you still have access to IT professionals through your cloud service provider, but for a fraction of the cost.

4. Reduced Hardware Needs

Because everything is done through the internet, getting set up with the cloud is surprisingly simple. You don’t need any devices, equipment, or servers, which can be a substantial investment for a small business. This also frees up real estate in your business, as this equipment can take up a lot of space. 

Beyond just the initial hardware investment, any repairs and upkeep fall to your cloud service provider, so you’ll save money on maintenance costs as well. 

5. Increased Productivity

Using the cloud gives your employees access to the highest quality technology and makes it easier than ever to collaborate and communicate, whether they’re working from the office or the other side of the country. 

The built-in protection and backups that come with cloud data storage also help minimize disruptions and software installation times, leaving more time to get work done. Plus, you get back any downtime that would have been spent fighting cyberattacks and other IT issues that cloud providers work to prevent.

All of this helps your employees use resources more efficiently, connect more easily, and improve job performance.

6. Better Security

Nearly a quarter of small businesses have suffered from a cyber attack in the last year. On average, a  small business loses over $25,000 as a result of cyberattacks, so having powerful cybersecurity solutions in place can save your business a lot of money in the long run.

What makes cloud computing more secure? Many small businesses simply don’t have the means to offer the level of security that a larger cloud solutions provider can. Cloud services have additional security features built in, like network segmentation, encryption and built-in firewalls. In addition, they’re able to carefully monitor your systems and employ the latest security measures to fight malware. 

Choosing a Trusted Cloud Service Provider for Your Business

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