How to be productive at work even if you’re dealing with anxiety

How to be productive at work even if you’re dealing with anxiety

The world is entering a new normal. While the general populace might be quick to adopt new habits and behaviors, some people might be overwhelmed by the looming uncertainty of the future.

For workers dealing with anxiety, being productive can be challenging. How do you focus on work-related tasks when you’re overthinking 24/7? How can you complete a project when you’re always worried and anxious about life in general?

The following tips can help.

Simplify your to-do list

Anxiety can be unbearable, and the last thing you want is additional stress. Long lists and unclear task goals can seem daunting, and they may leave you clueless about where to start.

Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Simplify your to-do list by writing down clear and measurable tasks based on priority. Instead of tackling several big goals in a day, choose one or two items on which to focus your time and efforts. Deal with the most difficult task first, or the one thing you absolutely don’t want to do. Doing so brings a sense of accomplishment, and you will feel relatively more relaxed the rest of the day.

You can also break down a big project into manageable chunks. Instead of listing a big goal like “Submit report today,” write down the little tasks that will allow you to accomplish it.

Use the adrenaline

Anxiety triggers the body to release adrenaline, a hormone that helps humans cope with stress. It increases heart and breathing rates, and anyone experiencing an adrenaline rush will feel like they’re vibrating under their skin. You can use this bubbling energy to get things done.

During high-anxiety situations, use the surge of adrenaline to do productive work. This approach requires acceptance that while you are indeed anxious, your productivity doesn’t have to suffer. When it’s not debilitating, your anxiety can keep you on your toes. You may find yourself typing faster, concentrating more intently, and feeling more aware of your surroundings. These biological effects of anxiety can actually help drive your productivity up.

Set aside time for self-care

Being productive is important, but so is your well-being. You can’t work 24/7, and you can’t be in tip-top shape all the time. It’s crucial to recognize that you’re suffering from a condition that requires you to heal. One way to ease anxiety is by practicing self-care.

There is no one right way to care for oneself. Some people like to go for a walk, while others prefer to drink a cup of tea while reading a book. Whatever it takes for you to regain your energy, set aside time for it. It’s vital for you to recharge so you can function optimally again.

Establish work-life balance by going off the grid

Going off the grid means being disconnected from public electrical systems. This entails not using your phone, tablet, and other devices that use electricity from a public connection. This can be difficult since most work processes rely on electronics. But at the same time, it’s absolutely necessary in order to keep your work and personal life separate.

Nomophobia, derived from “no mobile phobia,” is a real fear amongst today’s generation. As its name suggests, it’s the fear of having no access to or being unable to use one’s phone. It’s a driving force that often leads to a skewed work-life balance: employees are unable to disconnect from the grid, leaving them to answer emails and other queries outside of work hours.

Go off the grid every once in a while to better separate your professional life and your personal life. This leads to fewer notifications, reduced worries, and lower anxiety.

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